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I create personalized and unique jewellery for you or for someone you love.

My approach

There have been key questions in my life that have followed me, questions that became the measurements I live by, safety valves let’s say and I have found answers to them through my creative path. 

At the beating heart of Nicchia is the commitment to dream with honesty.

A fashion line born of a utopian child’s view seen through the clarity of adulthood about the human condition. Fashion links the unrestrained imagination of the child to the adult. A brand I hope, in that respect, can be understood by many people.

Nicchia is also a tribute to those inspired by freedom and I draw inspiration for it from an engaged standpoint. It also brings together my natural perceptions of the world around and my knowledge of geology and gemology which I feel is reflected especially in my collection ‘Heart of Stones’ . 

A Jewellery from You

 with me

for You

Moreover, I am inspired by that part of us that is usually invisible, yet so deep and inherent to our being. That which appears in dream symbology and synchronicities, that which makes us individual. I want to help give expression to this through working in a personalised way with the audience, creating pieces that reflect these inner states, languages and places. Pieces of wearable art, talismans, if you will. As expressed by my collection ‘Lucid Dream’. 

In our exchange, your answers will be the raw material from which I will create your jewellery. Once the idea looks in tune with yourself, I will show you the sketches. Only once you are satisfied, will I start the making of your jewellery.



Let’s dream together with honesty

Art for All Budget

I want to create art for all budgets. Art that brings together, not divides. Art should be accessible for all. For this reason, I will adapt to your budget.

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