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Illustration of Nikola Telsla , called Nidzo. His portatrait and a beam of light with prana written in sanskrit

Nikola Tesla : an inventor between sciences and spirituality. It’s perhaps what’s grabbed my attention. He was a rigorous scientist but permeable for intuitive. In parallel of his research about alternating current, Nikola Tesla was open to vangarde subjects like the free energy. During years, he tried to find a mathematical solution with concepts of Hindu spirituality : the prana and the akasha. To him they are energy and mass. As great humanist, his will was to create free energy. But he failed. Ten years later, the idea was taken up and resolved by Albert Einstein..

Despite his genius and some forms of recognition of its peers, Nikola Tesla was totally broken and has been forgotten during the last 20 years of his life where he lived alone in a hotel room of New-York. There, he incessantly worked until the last breath. This commitment might be heritate of his mother , who also, used to invent and build little electrical objects. Nidzo is the nickname she choose for his son.

Each jewellery of Nidzo’s series will be synch with one of his facet of his life/vision. The two first jewelleries are two interpretations of free energy.

But instinct is something which transcends knowledge. We have, undoubtedly, certain finer fibers that enable us to perceive truths when logical deduction, or any other willful effort of the brain, is futile.

Les Ras-Du-Cou

Nidzo proposed two types of energies existing in cosmos : electromagnetic energy and the Scalar energy. Scalar energy is supraluminale because she moves faster than speed of light and therefore, can be visible just in a cosmic vacuum. Because Scalar energy doesn’t have matter, it can’t decrease. It’s pure energy, infinite. Nidzo believed that it’s the primal source of the universe and thought it would have been the keys to manage making free energy. I want to translate with jewelleries those phenomena who are above our rationalizing.

Then, I imagined these two chokers as primal energies waves : simples.

Art and science, I believe, are our most fabulous tools to unerstand the world and for representing it.

I am pleased to present to you my two firts creations: Nidzo Scalar et Nidzo Supraluminal


Nidzo Scaral



Nidzo Supraluminal



Illustration of a choker in a lansdcape from a other world made byGaele Pierre for the agency Karine Garnier. Campagne for Nicchia Jewellery.

Campaign Nicchia: “Us But Elsewhere”

Illustration: Gaële Pierre _ Karine Garnier agency.