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Illustration of Caroline Herschel for Nicchia Jewellery's project

Caroline Herschel’s sobriquet was Lina, a german astronomer of 19th century, who wasn’t destinated for becoming a woman of science… She contracted Typhus, while child, and her growth has stopped and she never grew over 1m30. Her parents decided to not educate her because she was not fine enought to be married. Caroline learned by herself on the sly and by copiing lessons of her brother…

She was called Lina by him. William Herschel was her brother, the great astronomer. And she used to done all the calculations about Uranus’s trajectories. Which has permitted to get that it was a planet of our solar system, and not a star…
This bracelet is a tribute to this discret woman who lived in the shadow of his sibling, who would never succeed in that project.
Needless to say that this kind of path kept the attention. Anyhow, it has kept mine.
that is how I created this bracelet mirroring the refined lines of that planet Uranus and its rings.

We do not judge great art. It judges us. 


Campaigne Nicchia: “Us But Elsewhere”
Photo: Nicolas Guerin. Illustration: Flokim Lucas. Muse: Tessa Kuragi.