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illustration for the brand nicchia jewellery. Portrait of Gul Makai

Malala Yousafzai was only 11 years old when her anonymous diary captivated audiences. Pakistani schoolgirl, she wrote about life under Taliban rules in north-west Pakistan. She rised up against the laws aiming to forbbid the acces at school to the girls. She used to wrote under the pseudonyme Gul Makai.
At her 15, she was shot in the head by militants for daring to go to school and for having witnessing in her diary. But she survived after many surgical interventions.
In 2014 she became the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Then, she became a fervent activist for human rights and ecology.

Let us pick up our books and our pens, they are the most powerful weapons.

Gul Makai le Bijou De Main

Words are fearsome. The hand with who she wrote, shot with accuracy and an unparalleled force.

This hand jewel, could it become a poetic support?