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We are Nicchia


from 20/02 till 24/02 2021


by Simon Villaeys & Nicchia’s designerJohanna Badjan de Junnemann



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Independent jewellery thinker, Nicchia's creations are handcrafted and are made to break the rules.

Picture of a silver ring -Conic shape.

From 88.00

Our last creations

Sold Picture of a mono goldplated earring. Inspired by a meteorite. Brand: Nicchia Jewellery
From 246.00
Hand jewellery made by Nicchia Jewellery in brass. Hand made
From 222.22
Picture of a silver ring -Conic shape.
From 88.00
Picture of the side of a sleeky and minimalist choker in brass from the collection Us But Elsewhere. It's a statement piece
From 222.00
Sale Choker made by Nicchia jewellery 6 A tribte to Ramanujan who is a mathematician working around infinity.
280.00 224.00
pendant of a fairy in silver
From 222.00
personalized jewellery

Nicchia creates very personalized and unique jewellery for you or for someone you love. Your jewellery will be made after your answers at a bunch of questions.
You will have a unique wearable art piece adapted to your budget.